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Think of the FAFSA and CSS profile as a children’s book. The sentences are short, detail is limited, and it is a straightforward and numerical process. How can a college offer a prospective student an award package without knowing that they are class president, an after-school tutor, and live at home with their parents and dependent grandparents? Enter: an appeal to the college’s financial aid office. An appeal will open a channel of communication with the college to tell a story. This story can explain certain circumstances that were not able to be included on the financial aid forms as well as describe any award inconsistencies between other award packages.

Not every student who is accepted into a college necessarily ends up committing to attend there. This means the awards may go unused and the colleges potentially have more money to offer as the deadline to commit in the spring gets closer.

As we near the enrollment deadline in 2021, you may have extraordinary circumstances after dealing with the worst economic downturn in recent memory.  If you are looking to ensure your family has a clear and systematic method for aligning your college budget and negotiating appeals, fill out the form below for a free consultation.

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