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Wellness Trends that are Here to Stay

Wellness Trends that are Here to Stay

October 04, 2021

A lot of trends in the health and wellness space leave you scratching your head, saying “Huh?” but there are some that are worth a deep dive.

Bone broth

Not everyone wants soup made with heavy cream, meat, and veggies, which is one of the reasons bone broth grew in popularity last year. But there’s no sign that this healthier take on soup is going anywhere—brands have even taken to turning the protein found in bone broth to powder that can be used in smoothies. High in vitamins and minerals, this fall is the perfect time to try a bowl of broth for yourself.

Cold showers

Jumping into the shower, especially first thing in the morning, has scientific benefits such as increasing your metabolic rate, therefore boosting your immune system, and, unsurprisingly, making you more alert. Once you start incorporating a daily cold shower in the morning, you’ll know why this wellness trend is here to stay.

Functional fitness

With so many workout options out there, finding the one that’s right for you can often be a daunting task. So why not base your workout on what you already do on a daily basis? Functional fitness is all about focusing on muscle groups you use the most. If you’re a mom, for example, you might focus your workouts on strengthening your core and legs so it makes it easier to lift small children.


Pre-covid, the thought of going to a virtual doctor appointment was rare, and now, it’s at the forefront of our minds. There are apps made to help you receive help for your mental health, talk to a general practice doctor, or for tracking your health journey. Whether for an appointment, a support group, or to simply have a conversation, telemedicine is sure to stick around for many years.


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